The links below take you directly to the websites of brand new tires manufacturers in Canada. You can shop at your leisure by your favorite brands and check out all the features of the various tires offered. So if you have a preference for a brand of tires you can choose and then find the retailer that offers the brand and can install it.

Tire Brands

BF Goodrich Tires


BFGoodrich fait maintenant partie de Michelin. BFGoodrich designs tires for over 115 years . As you can imagine , several employees of BFGoodrich spend their free time to test their brands off road tires and on automotive circuits . And their teams closely monitor the performance of the tires from the Baja race to Sebring . BFGoodrich is now part of Michelin.

Bridgestone Tires in Canada


is a Japanese multinational. Bridgestone is the translation of the name of the founder “Ishibashi”  which literally mean brick bridge in Japanese. His best-known winter tire is the Blizzak .

Continental Tires


is a German manufacturer of tires, auto and truck parts. It is the fourth largest tire brands in importance after Bridgestone , Michelin and Goodyear. It produces tires for cars , trucks, buses , motorcycles and bicycles. Continental aims to be a leader in reducing fuel consumption with tires that offer the least rolling resistance .


Cooper Tires in Canada


produces brands of tires Cooper and also Mastercraft , Dean , Starfire , Roadmaster , Avon Tyres , Mickey Thompson, Dick Cepek , Chengshan , Austone , Fortune and Mentor . Cooper tires is the second tire manufacturer in the United States .

Dunlop Tires


Link to the official website of Dunlop . Dunlop tires are sold in Canada by several major chains. Dunlop is owned by Goodyear and also distributed through its network .

Firestone Tires


founded by Samuel Harvey Firestone in 1900, it begins supplying tires for carriages and carts pulled by horses. He became a friend of Henry Ford and is the original supplier of tires for the Ford Model T. Firestone and Goodyear were the two major brands of tires for over 75 years . Firestone is in Canada since 1922. Firestone is now part of Bridgestone .

General Tire


is of American origin and is now part of Continental. The founder initially held a Firestone franchise . Firestone was expanding rapidly and opened a too many franchises in the opinion of the future founder of General Tire , who created the company to compete Firestone in the western part of the United States.

Gislaved Tire


is a trademark of Continental tires. Originally this was a Swedish company like Volvo and Saab. Gislaved has developed an expertise for winter tires and is targeting the Nordic markets .

Goodyear Tires in Canada


manufactures tires for cars , trucks , race cars , farm equipment , heavy machinery, aircrafts. The company was named in honor of Charles Goodyear, an American chemist who was recognized as the inventor of the vulcanization process to treat the rubber and make it more elastic and resistant . Goodyear first manufactured tires for bicycles and carriages. Goodyear is the third largest tire brands behind Michelin and Bridgestone .

GT Radial Canada

GT Radial

is a brand of tire that has been making inroads in the Canadian market in recent years. GT Radial is the flagship brand of GITI Tire , a manufacturer of Singapore in Indonesia. This is an important supplier of Chinese automobile manufacturers and also supplies tires to GM and Fiat in some markets outside of America.

Hankook Tires of Canada


is a South Korean company. It is the seventh company of tire brands . It naturally provides tires to Kia and Hyundai but she managed to get agreements with Chrylser , GM, Volkswagen and Mini on certain markets.

Kumho Tires Canada


is a South Korean conglomerate and produces Kumho and Marshal tires. These are tires in the affordable category.





Kelly tires


is a division of Goodyear. This is one of the oldest U.S. tire brands.

Michelin tires


is the largest tire manufacturer French manufacturer and the second in the world behind Bridgestone and before Goodyear. Michelin was the company that patented the radial tire and became one of the most famous brands of tires. The Michelin man logo was inspired at an exhibition in 1899 where a stack of tires had , with a little imagination , a human appearance where he lacked the arm. The Michelin Man is a character created by cartoonist ¨O’Galop ¨  , who was originally sketched the character for a brewery.

Nokian Tyres


is a filnland company known for manufacturing nordic tires. These winter tires are often among the most popular with the connoisseur.

Pirelli Tires


is the fifth largest producer of tires. Pirelli is very active in racing and car rallies. His brand is associated with high-end products.

Toyo tires

TOYO Tires

is a Japanese tire manufacturer . The tire brand is well established in Canada and offers a good choice for both the summer and winter tires.

Les pneus Uniroyal


is an American company and is now owned by Michelin and its products are manufactured by Michelin in the United States .

Yokohama Canada


is a Japanese tire manufacturer and the seventh in the world. Yokohama also manufactures aluminum alloy wheels.